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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cookbook Addiction at its finest

I admit it, I'm a cookbook-a-holic. Right now my collection stands at probably a little over 100 cookbooks, varying from 80 year old church cookbooks to the newest Rachel Ray. Old cookbooks are my favorite, while the recipes are sometimes a bit, strange, for today's tastes, the character and nostalgia contained in these books cannot be duplicated.

I am also a "crazy coupon lady", so my pantry contents may boggle the mind sometimes. Take for example, the 100 boxes of pasta sitting next to 200 boxes of granola bars on top of my cabinets. I have recently decided that my cookbooks and my pantry need to coexist more happily than they have in the past. Thus my journey begins to experiment with the recipes contained within my cookbooks, and using up the things in my pantry. I will post the recipes we try, as well as any modifications I make, and reviews from the family. Enjoy!

Edited to add: All of my cooking posts are being moved over to my new blog at, check out the initial post for introduction! Hope to see you there!


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