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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Making Money on Ebay

One of the keys to my remaining a stay at home mom, in order for us to achieve our goals more quickly, is to not only save us money through my frugal running of our household, but also making money whenever possible. This consists of yard sales (twice yearly), surveys, points programs, and of course, ebay. I have been selling on ebay off and on for about 6 years, with quite a bit of success. I generally specialize in selling childrens clothing, not only my own, but those I find at yard sales for a steal and make a profit on.

Tonights auctions are a great example. A few weeks ago, my fiancee and I were yardsaling (I need to mention here how wonderful it is to have a fiancee who is almost MORE into yardsaling than myself), and came upon a yardsale with literally 40 boxes of clothing. They had signs up that said "All clothing .25". I said, cool, good prices, lets look around and dig a bit. As we walked up, the proprieter shouted all...ALL CLOTHING IS NOW .10!!!! I said, ok let's dig a little better, that's awesome! All in all, we walked out with over 90 items of clothing, and 4 hotdogs, for $9. The clothing was ALL name brand, in great condition, and a few items I'm keeping for myself!

Auction number one was a lot of 4 juniors shirts (American Eagle, Hollister, etc.) which I paid less than .40 for in all. I sold them for $4.99. That's a better than 100% profit right there. Auction #2 was a lot of 3 similar style shirts, less than .30, and sold for $4.99. I'm thrilled. No, my sales are not in the hundreds of dollars range, but my opinoin is that every penny counts, especially if it's profit.

All of my Ebay earnings right now are being earmarked for our wedding night (we're going to the gambling boat after our reception), so I'm listing like a mad fool!

Love Ebay! Shop often!


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