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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wedding details..down to the wire!

My wedding will take place in 2 weeks, so the arrangements are coming down to the wire.

Not much is actually left to do, the wedding is quite casual, less than 30 people attending. We still have to get a small cake, get my fiancee's uniform dry cleaned, I have to buy shoes, and we have to get outfits for the kids.

I've been perusing Ebay this evening, trying to get ideas. One of the benefits I've foun dof having 3 children relatively close in age, is that I can get them matching outfits, quite cheaply. I've decided on a Gymboree sweater vest, with a turtleneck underneath and gray dress pants. Now I just have to ok these with my fiancee and make the purchases.

Tomorrow we will be ordering the cake, only 2 tiers is necessary; and shopping for my shoes as well. The dress at the top is the dress I will be wearing, it is so beautiful in person, I only wish I could make it look as good as the model!

Costs for the wedding have been much lower than we expected, and break down as follows:

My dress: $200
Invitations: $30 (plus minimal costs of ink, and approximately $5 in postage)
Decorations: $47 (will have to spend an additional $30 dollars or so for fresh mums and pumpkins to decorate the front yard at my parents house)
Reception hall rental: $25
Paint for my parents arbor and porch (where the ceremony will take place): $0 - it came with the house when we bought it
Food: Our out of pocket will be less than $20, and that's only for beverages, food is being supplied by my parents and friends of the family as their gift to us
Shoes for me: $30
Fiancee's dry cleaning: $30 (full military dress uniform)
Clothing for the kids: $40, but I may also have to purchase shoes for them which will up this a bit

All in all: less than $500, for a beautiful outdoor wedding at sunset.


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