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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers for Southern California fire victims

These Southern California fires have been weighing on me the last few days. I lived in SoCal for 5 years when I was married to my first husband, and the area we lived in is burning as I type. I had to call him last night and make sure all was well with him and his, he lives in Temecula currently and is stationed at Camp Pendleton. There are fires burning on Camp Pendleton, the interstates are closed down, thousands of homes and businesses have burned.
As of last night, his area was unevacuated, but they were preparing just in case. I let the boys all talk to him for a few minutes so they could be sure he was ok, they are little worry warts when it comes to their daddy being so far away and things they see on the news. He just returned from Iraq recently, so this isn't a great thing for him to come back too.
I've been keeping tabs on internet friends as well who live in the area, as much as I can of course, and trying to think of what I can do to help. I know the Red Cross and Salvation Army will be collection donations for those affected, so once I track down information on where to send things I'll be packing up boxes to send. I've been there, and lost everything to a house fire, so I will be happy to deplete my stockpile to help these poor people. They are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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