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Saturday, August 18, 2007

J is for Jacob

Yup, another kid (we do have 4 ya know). Jacob is my oldest, he's 7, and the budding photographer from my last post. He is my right hand man, and takes his responsibility as oldest brother quite seriously most of the time. He's a great helper, and is so smart it's scary sometimes. He loves Jeopardy and The History Channel, and any book about history as well.

He is also our little politician, as we affectionately call him. He has a very well developed power of reasoning. Jeff Gordon is his favorite driver, much to the chagrin of the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. loving rest of the household. His favorite time of day is when Bobby comes home and takes him out to the garage and lets him help with whatever the current tinker project is. He is fascinated with why and how things do what they do.

Jacob is the first of my miracle babies. 3 months before I got pregnant with him, I had had my 6th miscarriage, and his father and I were starting to talk about adoption as an option. But then I got pregnant with him, and he "stuck". He has always been by my side, wanting to help in any way he can. He has a huge heart and I am so happy that he's here. I love my boy!


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