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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank Heavens for Google Reader!

As I get more into this whole blog universe thing, I kept finding awesome blogs I wanted to read all the time. Well, a wonderful friend of mine told me to start using Google Reader. I had no idea what it was, or what it was for (see, I'm kinda clueless around here!). Ahh how my eyes have opened!

Google Reader is one of many different things out there known as RSS Feed Readers. As you'll see at the top of my sidebar, there is a little blurb that says subscribe to Froggy Girl Designs via email. Yes you can do that, but if you use Google Reader, or Bloglines, or any of the other readers out there, you can simply click on the little orange thingy that shows up on the toolbar and then...the miracle (at least to me!) occurs. You can subscribe to my blog, and my new posts will automatically be delivered to your reader of choice! Personally, I'm a Google fan, I use Gmail, and I just like their interface, but whatever you use that works for you.

Now, I can see all the blogs I read in one place! Yes, I still have to click thru to leave comments, but I'm finding I'm commenting MORE now than I was when I actually visited each page on it's own. Go figure huh? I'm really thrilled with it, and I hope if you haven't tried a reader out you will now. To get you started, won't you please subscribe to my feed if you like what you see?


  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger Noodle said…

    Oh yes, oh yes! I love Google Reader! I visited your blog today specifically to add it. LOL!


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