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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

D is for Defense

D is for Defense.

I am an American. My husband is in the Army. Defense plays a large role in our life right now with the state of the world and our government. Regardless of our beliefs in the right or wrong of what our government is doing, I, as a military wife, have to support my husband and our country. We have had troops deployed in the Middle East for a few years now, so by now it has touched almost every family in the United States in some way. My ex-husband is deployed right now, which means my older two children get to speak to him on a very limited basis. I am lucky in that my current husband is non-deployable. He may go on short jaunts for training and the like, but always within the States, and never for very long (figuratively speaking anyway).

I sincerely admire my husband's dedication to defending this country. He takes his job very seriously. He holds troops lives in his hands and he knows how much of a responsibility that is. As I watch him studying every night, and listening to him talk about what he does every day, I am constantly amazed at what these men go through for all of us. After 9/11, we all knew how much the world would change. It affected us all. Most people are proud that they are Americans, as am I. I've never traveled outside of the country (except to visit Mexico on day trips a few years back), but I've read about the views other countries have of us. I may never influence any of those people, but in the hopes that one day I may, I live my life the best way I know how-with love, and dedication to my family and home, among other things. Being American isn't half bad-we have it pretty good here with marked exceptions, it's worth defending!


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