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Monday, September 24, 2007

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program

For the following. This morning, one of our kittens had died. No apparent cause, so my husband took him outside to bury him on the lid of a box. The boys saw it, and then as they were walking out to the bus they saw that a small fire was lit. The genius that is my oldest son told his younger brother that Bobby had obviously set the kitten on fire to burn it. Alex promptly went to school and told his teacher the same thing (please let me add this note, the kitten was buried, he burned the box he carried it outside in).

So, upon hearing about this when they came home from school. I just emailed his teacher, it went like this:

Alex told me he came to school today and told you my husband burned a
kitten this morning. I was afraid you'd worry we were doing some odd
animal sacrifices over here or something so I wanted to let you know,
he did not burn a kitten, he buried one of our kittens that died, and
burned the box he had carried the kitten outside in. Also, field
trip is this week, money is coming with Alex tomorrow morning, and the
field trip is Wednesday correct? Alex said he has to have sack
lunch, that he can't bring his lunch bag, is that right? Forgive me
if these are all questions answered in the flyer you sent home, but
that, along with my sanity, seems to have been misplaced. Thanks so
It's a good thing his teacher has a sense of humor or I would probably be getting a visit from Child Protective Services later this week.

We have another kitten that is fading fast, and we can't figure out what's going on as their's nothing we can see wrong with them. I'm pretty distraught about it, I am very much an animal person, and our cats are members of our family. So tomorrow, I'll resume with the Gatlinburg talk, tonight I'm just sad.


  • At 11:03 PM, Anonymous ellia said…

    you so have me cracking up over here!!!! while it sooooo sad to hear that a kitty died, it is a trip to hear how kids say things! i guess i woulda believed my sibling if they said the same thing too.... hehehe... what did the teacher say to you after the email?

  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Mika said…

    She said she didn't catch the burning part, just that the kitten had died and she had told him that happens sometimes. So maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that lol.


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