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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Froggy Boy

It's been 2 1/2 months since Wyatt came into our lives. He is so awesome! That's the only word to describe this little man. He is the easiest of my babies so far, generally content with some fussiness thrown in to keep me on my toes. He has learned to smile socially, and Bobby and I are both really enjoying this phase. He has grown SO much since he was born. Looking back at the pictures from his birth, it's hard to remember he's the same baby, even in this short period of time. He was just over 11 pounds at his 2 month checkup, and I'm guessing he's just over 12 now. He's grown 4 inches since birth as well. He will no longer take a bottle AT ALL, which is a double edged sword-I love it because he is getting 100% of his nutrition from me, but at the same time, I sometimes wish I could take a bo*by break. I finally got around to ordering prints of some of the pictures we've taken of him tonight, I used the 20 free prints I had stored with Snapfish. 20 prints for a grand total of $2.09, not bad!

These are a couple I took of him today..look at those chubby cheeks!


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