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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ahhh I'm back..and doing some housekeeping!

Ok, it's been MONTHS since I've posted here. I need to dust, sweep down the cobwebs, and put out the welcome mat because along with the New Year, have come New Plans! First, the reason I was so absent is because of pregnancy complications.

I was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed and also hyperemsis gravidarium (sp?). The bleed is actually quite common evidently, but with my history has caused some worry. I tried to find more information about it online, because even in my extensive reading of pregnancy books, etc I had never heard of it. So if anyone wants me to post what I've found out, or my experiences, please email me or comment here and I'll explain, otherwise don't wanna bore ya'll with it!

The hyperemesis is basically REALLY BAD morning sickness. I've had all-day sickness with all of my children, and lost quite a bit of weight with each one, but WOW this little monkey has been kickin' my butt! Suffice to say I've spent much more time with my bathroom than any person should ever have to, I was quite tempted to build myself a bed in there!

But now, I'm 16 weeks along today (WOOHOO!), and while I'm nowhere near out of the woods from my complications, I'm feeling much better, more energy, etc. I've started cooking a bit more (my poor husband is amazed!), catching up laundry, and doing all those lovely things a stay at home mom should do.

So as I mentioned earlier, with the New Year came some New Plans, both for this blog and my life in general. I would really like for this blog to take the shape I envisioned for it originally, before I fell off the face of the earth (aka got pregnant! lol). I've been reading some awesome blogs lately, some which I love whole heartedly, and some which I agree with the principal. I'm going to start adding some links to the sidebar so ya'll can see what I read when I'm in blogland. I'm going to start posting frugal tips hopefully every other day or so, ways to make some money from hom, sewing projects I'm currently working on, etc. If there are any topics you would like to see covered, drop me a line!

To close, it's good to be back!!!


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