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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

Well, life has hit again..BUT I decided that Thursdays are going to be "Thrifty". I'll talk about my thrift store finds for the week, and will usually post pictures as well. I'll edit this post later on to include the pics of my finds this week.

We're relatively new to our area (we just moved to very Southern Indiana in June), so we're still exploring. But this week we found a St. Vincent De Paul's Thrift Store, of course Goodwill, a local Hospice Thrift Store, and 2 independent stores, one is called New To You, and the other is actually in Kentucky, and its called Unique Thrift Store.

We hit St. Vinnie's first, I've heard lots of good things about these stores so was very excited to find one nearby. Their clothing is reasonably priced, childrens items ranging from $1-$1.50 for clothing, up to $5 for shoes, womens and mens clothing ranging from $2.50-$5. They also have a selection of furniture and housewares, books, etc. I didn't purchase much, I found 2 cloth diapers for $1 a piece, and a couple of Ebay clothing items. All in all I spent just over $3. I chatted it up with one of the workers, which is a good idea at any thrift store you visit to find out about sales, etc. The worker told me that in addition to their 50% off colored tag sales (common in alot of thrift stores), on Mondays they have the color from the previous week for .25. So, we're going to make sure to hit them on Mondays. She also told us about their warehouse in Louisville, so we're going to hunt that down soon.

Next we went to New To You, they just opened last month, and their prices are quite a bit higher than most thrift stores I'm used to (except Goodwill of course). Clothing ranges from $2 for childrens on up. I did find a Boppy pillow for the baby for $2.79 in great shape, a couple of spools of ribbon reasonably priced, and my husband got a funnel for .50. I was relatively unimpressed, he said they don't run sales at this point, although they have enough donations to fill the store 4 TIMES!!! That's alot of thrift!!! We'll visit this one maybe once or twice a month.

Next we hit the store in KY, Unique Thrift Store. This place is HUGE. It's a warehouse, and its FULL of stuff!!! The prices on clothing are horrid, ranging from $2 up to at least $10 that my husband saw on a pair of used Faded Glory jeans. Ridiculous! Anything that looked vintage, was priced more expensively than was probably necessary. I did find a gorgeous Classic Pooh quilt (not vintage lol) for $4.95, it has a stain on it but I'm hoping to get it out.

Last we hit the small Hospice Thrift Store which is actually just a few blocks from our house. Prices are VERY reasonable, plus for every $5 you spend you get $1 off on your next visit. I got some great sewing notions and some vintage hankies. We'll definitely be visiting this one again!


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Kimmie said…

    sounds like you had some fun....great bargains too


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