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Monday, January 22, 2007

Unfinished Friday...late

Well, I planned on posting this on Friday, but ya that didn't happen lol. Fridays are going to be my days to hold myself accountable for all my crafty projects I have going on.

First and foremost is a project I started in the first trimester of this pregnancy, which, everyone remind me to NOT do again!!! Our house is old, and next summer we're going to replace windows, but until then I needed a way to help insulate our draftier windows. Enter window quilts. I found the original directions here, and tweaked them a bit. I'm a VERY novice sewer, so please keep that in mind! These are made of 2" squares, and if anyone has a bigger brain than me, they would realize that was NOT the smartest idea I've ever had. It has taken FOREVER. Anyways..last night I finally finished the top of the quilt for the large window in the kitchen (measures 71 inches long and 40 some inches wide). In this picture you see that top in khaki and white, beside it is a scrap version which will be used in my husband and I's bedroom (we have the massive long windows in our room too), and the one in blue's is for Alex's room (DS #2).

Next up is a blanket that my husband requested. You can't see the fleece panel design, but it's a large Notre Dame panel. The back is odd looking, as designed fleece tends to be, so we decided to back it with a cotton fabric of his other favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. I will cut that to size, then bind it with navy blue satin binding. This will be quick and easy and hopefully finished by later this week!

Last one I have pictures of is a blanket for the baby in the oven. This is a marble fabric I got in a lot off Ebay, which I will back with snuggly red flannel. I love the design on this, this will be very basic, but it's a start on some things I plan to do in the near future to sell.

Well crap, I cant get the picture to upload, so I'll try to add it later on. The only other project that is currently actually being worked on is a pair of fleece pants for me. I'm finding myself to be way on the cold end of the spectrum this pregnancy which is SO wierd. So I found a pattern on sale at Hancock's last week that seems pretty simple, and I found some pretty blue fleece. I've started cutting these out but haven't started any actual stitching yet. Pictures will follow next week!


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