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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Recovery? And a bit of crafting

OK, it's been a week, I'm sick of this icky sick I've got going on. I'm starting to feel better, it's just more fatigue than anything at this point. Anyways, I've been working on a quilt for wyatt. Not only is this my first ever quilt, but I put myself on a deadline. I want this done and quilted, etc. before he comes home from the hospital, so I've got about 4 months. Sounds do-able right?

The pattern I'm using is called Hugs & Kisses. I think the instructions are wonky, I started out by cutting all the pieces which the instructions called for, and then started pinning all the X pieces together. Well, I was short on the largest size of rectangles, and I hadn't even started on the O blocks yet! I went over and over the instructions, making sure I didn't miss anything, and I'm pretty sure I did it all right. If there are any more experienced quilters out there who would mind following the link and letting me know if I made a mistake (by my calculations you'd need 50 of the 6.5 rectangles just for the X's, instructions call for 38 total) I would really appreciate it.

All that aside, I've gotten 6 blocks done so far and I'm loving it! I'm using shades of blue, and each block is using a different fabric with the background all being the same white on white fabric. I'll post pics later this week once I'm feeling like handling my camera!


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