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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My sweet little boy

My (currently) youngest son's birthday is on Friday, and this mommy has been slacking so bad! If you've read much of my blog (not that there's a whole lot yet!), you'll know we just recently relocated an hour south of where we are from, and while the kids have adjusted to school, etc. My DH and I haven't really settled in and made friends, etc. yet. There always seems like so much to do with house renovations, his job and Army obligations, the pregnancy, etc. that it's hard to "get out there". My point being, we're looking at a very small party! LOL! Just us, and my parents with some good food and a cake.

Mattie is my goofy boy, as you can see from the picture his goal in life is to make everyone laugh. He is SO silly, and such a joy. He was a complete surprise, I honestly thought after my second son I was done having kids, especially once I got divorced. God thought otherwise. Mattie is a gift from my grandmother, who passed away the weekend he was conceived. His father and I split up before I even knew I was pregnant, so I wrestled with lots of emotions when that test showed positive. My grandmother frequently came to me in my dreams, she even named him. It was a very difficult time for our family, as we are quite close knit. He looks like my grandmother, and even has a few of her mannerisms. It's uncanny!

He is the only one of my children who saw fit to come at the RIGHT time, instead of weeks (or months) early. I can't believe he is going to be 3 already, time flies when you have such sweet boys to keep you occupied!


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