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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby burp cloths

Well, yesterday we welcomed my neighbor's baby into the world. She's a beautiful baby girl, but so far doesn't have a name! I asked Momma if there was anything she was still needing, because I am not one to buy the first pretty outfit I see and call it good. I'd rather fill a need than add to a pile of relatively useless items! She said she only had a few burp cloths, and all us moms know how useful those are so I came home and got started on these.

These are cloth diapers sewn up and accented with some really cute ribbon I found. They are bordered on both ends, although I'm thinking the thinner ribbons don't work so well. What do you guys think? These are something I'm thinking of making and selling at craft fairs, possibly online, etc. so any input is more than welcome!


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