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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Much household turmoil = not much blogging

Well, things around here have gone to hell in a handbasket so to speak. We've been battling way too much going on lately and my blog has obviously suffered. If you prefer to skip my whining scroll down and I'll have some crafty yummy stuff to show.

First, I had a major issue with my OB. This resulted in me being taken over by my specialist, who will oversee the rest of my pregnancy on his own. That's a good thing to me!

Second, we are moving. When? Not entirely sure yet. The woman we were buying this house from has flaked out, and we're staying here until a) the school year ends, b) the court makes it through their issues with aforementioned demon woman and tell us its time to move, or c) we find something appropriate to move in to. Now, the most likely option will be A, guess the timing? Ya, you're right...directly before or directly after I give birth. PERFECT!!!! So, determined I am to NOT move massive amounts of stuff that we don't need/don't use/don't like, I've started going through EVERYTHING in my house, listing everything that isn't nailed down on Ebay or Freecycle, and packing up those things which aren't necessary for our survival but we want to keep (knickknacks, baby stuff, etc.). Fun at 25 weeks pregnant let me tell ya!

Third, my husband has been jobless for ohhhh, 3 weeks now? And is getting put on active military duty as of May 1st. How's that can of beans? Getting a new job when you're going to be leaving in a month and a half is, shall we say, a challenge??? Financially it happened at the best possible time as we just received our tax refund so we're fine on that front, but still..sheesh.

Fourth, my exhusband left for Iraq this morning. My children are very scared for him, and they are so young, they don't know how to deal. Which leads to some acting out and general unsetteldness. Which leads to a stressed Mommy.

Told ya theres been lots of turmoil! But, on a good front. Wyatt's quilt top squares are DONE! And either those darn directions are wonky or I am, because I went by the diagram to make a crib size quilt (only size included with the directions) and had quite a few leftover squares. What's a girl to do? Make it a twin of course! So I extended it by a row, and I STILL have leftover squares!!! I'm not fretting about it anymore though. I just don't know what to do with the leftovers! The following picture is really bad. But I laid the blocks out and got the layout done and labeled all the blocks so I sew them in the right order.

I've got one row sewn together, and if I can get my bootie in gear I could have it done in no time! I went and bought backing fabric yesterday. Let the husband pick it out. Well, it's definitely boy, but lots of contrast and it should be interesting! I'm NOT looking forward to binding this, I have no clue as of yet how to do that! (Shhh don't tell anyone) Take it one step at a time woman, is all I can tell myself!

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