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Monday, January 22, 2007

Baby News!

Well, I had my visit with the specialist today. We had to check on the subchorionic bleed, and also the baby's growth, etc. of course. The baby is growing great, actually measuring just over a week ahead of the dates which is great! The ultrasound was VERY VERY quick, less than 10 minutes start to finish, but...we did get a very short, quick glimpse of what appears to be BOY parts!!!!!! So, for now, we're going with the fact that we will be welcoming boy #4 into our house in June. YA!!!!!!!!!!! Neither my husband nor I are completely convinced that we actually saw boy parts, seriously, it was less than 10 seconds, and it wasn't the "full turtle" so to speak, so there is a chance we could be wrong, but with 3 boys already.....we figure it's a boy lol. The good news other than that the baby is fine, is that the bleed is GONE!!!! Both of my docs were a bit worried when the bleed was still showing up at 14 weeks, they had hoped it to be gone well before then, but it's gone now! I am still at increased risk for an abruption, but for now, no worries!


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