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Monday, February 26, 2007

My first ever quilt blocks & Flickr

Well, I jumped on the Flickr bandwagon and have started uploading pictures to it. I have not been able to figure out how to get the little linkie thing on my sidebar yet, but as soon as I do, it will be there! Anyone have any Flickr guidance for me?

Also, omgosh...I have completed my first quilt blocks EVER. I talked about the pattern a bit in my last post, and have since decided that there are multiple mistakes in the directions for pieces to cut. I ran out of the smaller squares of background fabric as well, so I've got to cut more of those. These are not all the blocks I have done yet, these are just my favorites so far. Now, I am not sure of the designers of any of my fabrics, I'm not that cool yet lol. The fabric up at the very top is a beautiful Japanese inspired Koi fabric. I wasn't sure how this one would look, but I love it. As you can tell, I had issues with making sure all the fabric faced the right way! Also, you can see there is some overlapping of the pattern squares, they aren't perfectly aligned. I haven't had any line up perfectly yet. At first I was convinced it was due to my lack of sewing skills, but after following the directions exactly as printed, I wonder if it's a combination of that plus more errors in the instructions?

My pictures SUCK btw. We decided to be all frugal (go figure) and bought the energy efficient lightbulbs and have been replacing blown ones with those as time goes on. Well, they aren't quite as bright even though they say they will be. Thus, bad lighting. I'll work on that I promise! Until then, the colors look all icky. My goal is to have the top of this quilt completely done in 2 weeks, think I'll make it? We'll see!


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