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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh how I love blogland!

OK, I'm finally spending some time catching up on blogs I love today (aka..not getting crap done in my house lol), and one of them has a post about why she loves boys. Her 4 boys are quite a bit older than my 3.5 boys (yes I consider wyatt a half now even though he kicks harder than the other 3 do), but it's nice to know that with the right attitude and amount of alcohol (just kidding!) they can survive past toddlerhood.

Another favorite of mine lately is Selena of Apron Thrift Girl. Not only does she always have awesome thrift store finds, which I am so completely jealous of lol, but her craftiness is so inspiring!

I tend to lurk alot on blogs, I have over 100 that I read on a relatively daily basis, and always forget to comment. How bad is that? I need to spread the bloggy love more. New goal...comment on at least one of the blogs I read daily!!!! We all love comments, just knowing that people actually read what we write, what they think, etc. so I obviously need to get better about that one.

On the crafty front. I am halfway finished with sewing Wyatt's quilt top! I actually ended up with 2 more squares than I need, DUH! So tonight I'll be cutting out more background fabric and correcting the directions I have, my plan is to post the corrected directions here, and should I email the originator of the design and let them know of the error? I'm excited to be making this much progress on this, I'm not even bored with it yet!


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