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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting back on the frugal bandwagon...Walgreen's deals this week

Alright everyone, I promised myself that as soon as the baby was born I'd get myself back on the frugal bandwagon hunting down the deals. I'm not back into it full swing yet, we're still in unpacking, adjusting to new baby, etc. etc. mode in this house! BUT, Walgreen's has been running some excellent deals the last couple of weeks, and I don't want you to miss out on this weeks!

I believe Walgreen's is trying to start competing with the CVS ExtraCare Bucks program with their Register Rewards. They work like buy Item X for say $2, and out prints a Catalina coupon for $2 off your next order. That gets you started on what is known as a chain. You take that $2 Catalina coupon and go buy another of Item X and use the coupon to pay for it, and you get another $2 coupon. I'll use this weeks deals as a better example.

Both of these are in the ad:

1) 6 pack of regular Boost energy drinks are on sale for $5.99 a piece. You buy one (make sure you don't get Boost Plus or any of those, just regular), and out prints a Catalina for $6 off your next order. You may notice the penny have two choices, add a small item to your order and the penny gets applied there, OR the cashier can adjust the coupon to $5.99.

2) Walgreens brand 20 ct. Acetaminophen Liqui-gels are $1.99. Buy one and you get a Catalina for $2, same deal as above with the penny difference.

3) This deal is NOT in their ad, but is working nationwide, through 6/30. Glucerna cereal is $4.49 a box, buy one, get a coupon for $4.59. Work the chain as above.

Now, I'm one to work the pennies as much as possible, so what I've been doing is this: Get one Boost, one acetaminophen, one Glucerna cereal and one small cheap item (this week I've been doing packets of ramen as my kids and husband love it, and they're $0.29/each). I live in Indiana and the tax rate is 6%, so after applying the Catalina coupons from previous transactions I end up paying $0.53 for each transaction I do.

We live 30 minutes from Walgreens in either direction now, but where we used to live there are 4 in a very small radius. I had all 4 boys with me yesterday when I went, so I only went to one, but the cashiers are SO nice, and the store wasn't busy, so I did 6 seperate transactions. I'm trying to get brave and try the Boost as I tend to forget to eat during the day, but if I don't these will all be donated to a local cancer center or the like. The acetaminophen will definitely get used with 4 young children in the house! LOL! And my father is loving the Glucerna cereal!

So there you have it, Walgreen's deals this week! Please note: I've just included the plain ole' regular prices on things, assuming you have no other coupons. There ARE $2 Boost coupons out there, which will allow for an overage situation. If I can remember I'll write an indepth post about coupon overage and how to make it work for you. Also, in the following weeks that I do this I will do my best to also include other aspects of Walgreen's deals, like their Free After Rebate items, etc.


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