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Monday, July 23, 2007

Gaining a kid without gaining an ounce

While this method is not recommended it is possible lol.

My husband's sister has 2 boys. She was a teen mom, and hasn't quite grown out of her "wild" phase yet. Zach is the oldest, he's 11. Things at home aren't so great, so Bobby and I try and help out where we can without enabling mom too much. Zach has been saying for over a year that he wants to come and live with us, and we've always just played it off kind of, because of course Bobby doesn't want to alienate his sister completely. Well, we stopped up there (they live about 2 hours away) last weekend to show them Wyatt, and they'd moved again. This is the 6th house in the last few months, and we had a hard time tracking them down. We finally found them and discovered things have gotten worse than normal, and Zach had been begging his mom to find a way to get ahold of us (they have no phone or computer, anything like that) so he could come and stay for a bit. We decided to go ahead and bring him home with us for a few weeks, give everyone a break from each other and see what happens. Bobby and I have been discussing the whole situation since then, and I think we're going to broach the subject of taking custody of Zach next month when he's due to go back.

He is SUCH a good kid, and he's so smart! But, he is a victim of his environment, and without some major changes he'll end up in jail or worse, and we don't want to see that happen. So, we're taking our "trial run" with 5 kids, and we'll see how permanent this becomes!


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