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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My aspirations as a frugal homemaker

I know there are many schools of thought and variations on what is "right" to do as a stay at home mom. There is everything from those who think you should do nothing all day but carry your baby around, cloth diaper, make everything homemade, etc. to those who think you should sit on the couch and throw bologna at your children to keep them fed and occupied. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinoin obviously, and everyone must do what is right for their own family. I'm not judging either of the aforementioned types of mommas, or anyone in between, this post is simply about what I want for our family, and my role in that.

Today I was reading a post over at Birth Dynamics about time management for the homemaker, and it really spoke to me. I kind of took a break from cooking, etc. the last few months of my pregnancy due to modified bedrest and having 3 small children plus a move. I got everything packed, and kept things moderately tidy, but we can always do better right? In the past my home has been a bit, uh, as I was packing for the move I started purging things we no longer need or use as a family. Definitely gave Freecycle a workout!

Anyway, the post over at Birth Dynamics talks about assigning different days of the week to certain chores in order to manage your home effectively. I have been lacking in that area, I have goals, just have never been 100% at reaching them. This post spoke about menu prep, etc. for their home of 9 (7 children, her and her husband). Now, we are 3 children short on their number, but the tips and experiences she used can be applied in any household. While many of us have no need to quadruple a cookie recipe on a weekly basis, just doing some of the prep for meals later in the week can save anyone time and money.

I plan on taking her post and applying it to our family. I have forever resisted menu planning, I don't know why exactly since I hate the "what's for dinners" at 430 pm, but I've realized that in order to give my children nutritious and yummy meals (and use my love of cooking), I need to plan ahead better. I've started this week off a bit better, by at least thinking a day ahead. I'm hoping tomorrow to go through recipe books, find out Bobby's work schedule (since he's been mobilized it's really wacky), and plan some nice summer meals! Wish me luck!


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