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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A new addition to our family!

No, I'm not pregnant again! (Oh man that would be WAY soon wow..nope, not pregnant lol). But, since the addition of Wyatt, and actually for the few months before, we have known that we need a mini van. Not want, NEED. Previously our vehicles were: my 1996 Chevy Cavalier which is a great car, it's been paid off for almost 5 years, insurance is minimal as is plating, and it's great on gas mileage (we've also had very minimal repairs on this!); my husband's 1995 Chevy Camaro, his baby (until the human one came along!), he just purchased it a little over a year ago and we're on track to pay it off by the end of the year, again, insurance isn't much nor plating; and a 1996 Dodge Dakota pickup truck (same as all the above re: plating etc, this is also paid off). Well, we've been looking around casually, without really LOOKING if you know what I mean, while waiting for our moving/baby/life from hell situation to settle down.

Last week Bobby had a few hours off from work in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY! so I packed up the kids and drove up to meet him at our favorite little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. After we were done, he wanted to check out a van he'd seen on his way to meet us, so over we went. Well, suffice to say, 2 hours, a couple headaches and a couple signatures later...we have this:

Yup, my wonderful husband bought me a minivan! A 1998 Pontiac Montana. This is my mom's van fraternal twin, as hers is the same model, just a different color. I loved her van, so this was perfect, at a price we could NOT pass up. It runs like a dream and is in close to perfect condition. Life has been much easier since this baby came home! We took it to Detroit this last weekend, and we have an additional kid for at least the remainder of the summer (stories on both coming up!), so it's been wonderful. Thank you hubby for making my life a bit easier!


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