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Monday, July 09, 2007

Target Deals This Week

Well, Walgreens doesn't have any amazing stand out deals for me this week, so I'm going to give you the Target deals I'm working on this week. As many people do not know, Target puts coupons on their website every week or so that are generally good for about a month, which are good on food items. You don't have a Supertarget you say? No worries! These will be accepted at any Target which carries the appropriate items. I don't have a SuperTarget within an hour of me (Louisville, KY does NOT have a wierd is that?), so I rely on regular Targets. Some lovely souls have created what are known as coupon generators for these coupons. The one I always use is The Target Coupon Generator. This has all of the currently valid Target coupons on one page, you click on whichever coupon you would like multiple copies of, it will ask how many you want, then you click Generate. They then place multiple copies of that coupon on a page for you to print all at once. Easy as can be!

Now, onto the deals for this week. There is a coupon on the generator for $1 off of any Oscar Meyer product. This includes everything from Lunchables, to lunch meat, to hotdogs. At my Target the hot dogs are $1.22 a package, so .22 after this coupon. I'll be stocking up for sure for Mattie who loves his hot dogs!

The next deal is for Gerber baby food. The coupon is for $1 off of any 2 Gerber food items, this includes everything from jarred baby food, to cereal, to Gerber Graduates. The jarred food at my store runs around .55 a jar, so with the Target coupon, each jar will be .05. I have to keep reminding myself that I have another one who will eat baby food eventually, so I need to stock up lol. Now, you can also use manufacturer's coupons in conjunction with the Target coupons (this is their corporate policy, most Target's know this, but some have issues), so if you have any coupons for Gerber items, use those as well, for totally free items, and in some instances receive overage towards your other items. As you can see, right now he thinks his arm is one of the yummiest things around, but that will soon change! So all you mommas of babies and toddlers go save yourself some money!

PS...this picture was taken at 3am about 2 weeks ago, after hours of being awake for no good reason which is why he looks like an extremely tired man lol. I can't believe he's almost a month old already!


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