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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In our backyard

As you know, we moved at the beginning of June for many reasons. One being, we found a house that we thought was perfect for us to stay in until our house is built in a few years. This house sits on about 2 acres of land, 4 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms (it was a hotel when it was originally built), 2 living rooms, etc. etc. Across the street is a massive cornfield, to the back and sides is woods. And we're 30 seconds from the interstate. Seriously, the on/off ramp is the next "street" over. With that being said, you cannot tell when you look around that the interstate is anywhere around, occassionally we'll hear some traffic, but the trees do an excellent job of blocking that noise. It is so quiet, and peaceful, we adore it. We are renting here for an insanely low amount for this great place, but foresee no "landlord issues" for many reasons.

This afternoon as I was going about my duties in the house, my oldest two children called from their room where they were not so quietly playing to "Come here Mommy! HURRY!!!". I did, and they wanted to show me this:

How awesome is this?! We have seen the mother and one fawn a few times in the front yard or around the side, but we hadn't seen the second fawn. This was taken out my kids bedroom window, and they were less than 15 feet away. So beautiful! While we were watching, one of the fawns got a bit curious about us, and came quite a bit closer.

Ignore the huge propane tank in the background! We have also seen a fox on our property which one of our cats is quite determined to chase. Funnily enough, the fox which is a good 10 times her size runs away from her. Quite funny! This is the wildlife I love to see, but could definitely do without the daddy long legs, spiders, wasps, and various other creepy crawlies around here. My husband frequently hears me yell to come and kill something lol. We have decided firmly that we are "country people" and can't wait until our house out in the boonies is done!


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