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Friday, October 05, 2007

Another Toy Recall

And this time it's one our family actually was affected by. Kids II recalled this toy due to lead paint being present on the blue block only. It took me literally 3.4 seconds to walk across the living room and snatch that exact block from my 3 year old who has taken it upon himself to test these before the baby plays with them. We've been lucky so far I guess, with all the hundreds of recalls over the last year, including one before this that sent me scrambling in this Thomas obsessed household, that we haven't had any toys affected. I, like all other parents out there I'm sure, am appalled at the rash of recalls that seems to just keep growing. I am not a histrionic mother, if they fall, I don't come running and rush them to the hospital; if they're bleeding I don't automatically assume they will die, but I am still concerned for all 4 of my boys safety.

It's not just toys either, as I'm typing this, the news is covering yet another recall, this time for beef. It's been spinach, canned chili and beef stew, ground beef and even pet food. Let alone the cribs that have killed babies by being unsafe, and the myriad of smaller recalls that barely receive a mention. It tells me as a parent, that we, in fact, cannot trust the supposed safeguards our government has in place on items for our children, and we just need to use our brains. Don't give toys with a hundred small magnetic parts to children who aren't old enough to know better, or like in our case, we don't have toys like that here because there are smaller children who don't understand yet and kids will be kids and forget to put away those last 2 pieces. It's easier to deny them that toy, than keep track of 4 million parts and pieces.

But, the blocks? That really surprised me. No sharp edges, nothing that can be pulled off, but they contain lead paint. Way to go China. Another vote for buying secondhand whenever possible to find those items made in America, back when things like that were still made here, and another vote for reading those labels, and at this point being wary of anything that is made over there.

** Please, if you're from China, or are sympathetic to conditions there, etc. please don't take this as "China bashing" because it's not. As I've said above, it's NOT just things from China being recalled lately, but it's alot. I feel for those workers being paid a pittance to work long hours in horrid conditions to make toys that will make my children smile. My point is simply that the standards that are supposed to be in place are too easily bypassed.


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