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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day 4: Simply Sunday

Today has been spent on my dungeon room-the front room that I posted about here. It's about 3/4 of the way done at this point, after a few really long hours in there. Lots of things put away in their correct places, LOTS of trash, and 3 huge trash bags to the thrift. I meant to take pictures, again, but I forgot and now its way too dark to get even halfway decent ones.
Is this time change kickin' anyone else's booty? It is mine! Gain an hour, whatever! The boys were all wound for sound today and did not want to go to bed...I'm so loving Mitch Daniels right now for deciding it was a good idea for Indiana to start daylight savings time (insert sarcasm here).
In other news...well, there's really no other news. I still haven't heard from Hilary that won one of my rice bags, so Hilary, please email me!!!!!! I have a couple of VERY belated things to mail out this week as well, poor Barb who won my last giveaway has been waiting so very patiently, so her package is going out this week. Sigh, I feel so bad!!!
Back tomorrow with more random musings and craftiness!!! The boxers above are one of many pairs I've done over the last few weeks. My older two boys have discovered that mama made boxers are the best since they can pick and choose fabrics and stitching. I love seeing them wear things I make, and seriously LOVE them!


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