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Friday, December 28, 2007

And a Happy New Year

I've been absent, AGAIN, and I'm sorry. Bobby got home from Georgia just in time to do a last ditch effort at Christmas shopping and the whirlwind started. It's been an absolutely crazy two weeks, but it's calming down now. The reflection on the past year has started, and lists are being made for the year ahead.
First, if you're of the praying sort, will you please shoot a prayer up for us? Bobby got notice that he may NOT have to go back to Georgia for 3 months. There will be two of them left here for maintenance and the like, and as it stands now, Bobby is one of them. This would be a huge blessing for us! We're not counting our chickens before they hatch though, because things can change up until the last second. So thank you in advance for adding us to your prayer list!
The picture above is the older 3 boys Christmas morning at my parents house. As you can see, Nana and Papa went a bit overboard again this year. Overall I was pretty happy with the things they received, I put everyone on a strict "no made in China" toys rule and I think only a couple snuck through. We came in well under budget on our own gift giving which is a good thing.
Christmas Eve for our family has always included the church Christmas program, which is all of the children putting on a show about the birth of Jesus. There are recitations and songs, and it's a wonderful chance to worship and enjoy some of my favorite hymns. The older two boys have been participating the last couple of years, and they're just starting to hit the point where they have lines and I was so proud of how well they did. Next year Mattie will be joining in as well. Afterwards, we go to my parents house and my grandfather and step-grandmother come over to eat and exchange gifts. I don't get to see them very often so I love to spend that time with them. Also, this year, I feel really blessed that my cousin and her boyfriend are with our family.
She and I are only 9 months apart in age, and growing up we were the closest of all the cousins. When we were about 11, my aunt and uncle moved to Florida and we had no contact for quite a few years. Her mother moved back here a few years ago after their divorce, while she stayed in Florida. My aunt and I got really close, and she passed away earlier this year, the same day Wyatt was born. I've really been feeling the loss this season, I miss her so much but I know she's no longer in pain (she had been severely ill for many years), and is in a better place.
Heather (my cousin), moved back up here about 2 months ago. Life in Florida was very very hard for them, and they had made some bad choices, and were homeless, jobless, and hopeless. Right now they are staying with my parents, and turning their life around. They have made significant progress towards their goals, and I am so proud of everything her and her boyfriend are accomplishing. It was wonderful to have them here this Christmas, and we've been spending quite a bit of time with them lately which has been really nice.
I'm so thankful for all of my family, there was only one thing missing. My sister lives in Arizona, she's an attorney there and has been buried with work so she wasn't able to come home for Christmas. Instead, her and her long-time boyfriend took of to Vegas for a quick trip and got married!!!!!!! I'm so happy for her. She called right after the ceremony and you could just hear the joy in her voice. I wish her and Marco a long blessed marriage, with many years of love and laughter.
I know I'm rambling here this morning, and I'm sorry if it's boring. What are you reflecting on as 2007 comes to a close? I'll be posting my 2008 goals (no resolutions here, nosireebob) in a day or so, I would love to know what yours are!


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