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Monday, December 10, 2007

While Daddy's Away...

Lest you all think I'm super mom (or some silly thing like that). Things are going fine, but well, I thought I'd amuse ya'll with some photos of how things are this week. Above is our lovely Christmas tree, decorated before Bobby left for Georgia. It's nothing amazing, but it's ours, and this is only the second year that I've had my OWN Christmas tree as an adult.

Now, this shot is what it looks like now, after the cats had a heyday in it the other night. They slept in it, they played in it, they chewed on it. And this is AFTER we "fixed" it. There was not one ornament left on the poor tree, we're still trying to find the missing ornament hangers for about a dozen ornaments. The cats have now been relegated outside for the duration of the Christmas season-they are NOT happy with me.

And then things like this happen. I STILL have not figured out how Wyatt managed to get stuck under the coffee table like this. But it was pretty funny! (I know, horrible mother laughing at my poor child and grabbing the camera before I relieved him of his prison) The good news is, Bobby will be back in 8 days. I may regain a little sanity by then.


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