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Friday, August 24, 2007

Finding a job working from home

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I've been looking for a job for awhile that I can do from home, Bobby and I agreed anything I make is mad money for me, and I obviously need to buy more fabric. I've been writing articles for Associated Content, and making little dribs and drabs (my writing time is quite limited some days, and I don't think I'm particularly good at it), as well as selling on EBay but as we all know, that is rather hit and miss.

I was blog surfing one day (yes I know, time suck, but I love it occasionally!) , and read about someone who had been hired doing surveys from home. I went and checked out the company's website and applied. The company is called Westat, and they do surveys for various government agencies regarding health care and the like. The process is interesting to me, I wasn't sure how it would go since I wasn't actually going into an office or anything. It goes something like this-I put in my application online, including a copy of my resume, then waited. I actually heard back from the company in less than 24 hours although others I've heard has taken 2-3 weeks. I received an email inviting me to submit a voice sample, which I did by calling an 800 number and reading the script provided in the email. Again, I was contacted for the next step pretty quickly, about 2 hours, but it can again take an additional 2-3 weeks from what I've heard. Let me put a disclaimer here-I am NOT Super Woman, but I have call center experience and a soothing voice apparently, thus the quick turnaround.

The next email was informing me that I'd been selected for a full interview, and I would be receiving a phone call from one of their people during my hours of availability. When you fill out the application, you are asked what hours you are available with a quiet, professional environment-mine personally is from about 7 in the evening until midnight. The next day, I received a call around 9pm. The interview lasted about 15 minutes, I was asked the general interview questions, about my previous experience and the like. She then told me I was hired and to await further instructions. I got emails, paperwork via Fedex, and did training over the internet. Quite cool I thought! I finished training last night, and am now waiting to receive my "Go live" email and schedule.

There are TONS of scams out there-"Send me $500 to get your kit to stuff envelopes" and the like. Never ever pay anyone to work for them. That's the biggest scam of them all. There are many, many reputable companies that allow work from home. Two very good websites with lots of information are and I was just referred to the Work Place Like Home site last night by one of the girls in my training, and I'm quite impressed with all the information contained in their forums. If you are looking for something from home, check it out-and Good Luck!


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