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Friday, August 31, 2007

It's my party...

Well, today is my birthday, the big 2-8! Spent the morning on one of my favorite pastimes, yard saling! A few towns over they are having MASSIVE yard sales this weekend, there were at least a hundred that I counted. I spent 4 hours, no joke, out and about and found quite a few treasures which I'll blog about soon. I didn't even come close to hitting all of them! There were quite a few "dealers" as I refer to them-those people who set up their whole flea market booth of antiques and misc. junk and charge $4 for a plain ole muffin tin (seriously, that's an example from this morning), but there were even more regular sales.

My wonderful husband is making dinner so I don't have to, and even bought me cake! Which I really shouldn't eat but I will anyway, I've decided birthday calories don't count. I do have to log in to work this evening, but it's only 3 hours and time flies. I'll show you next week what I'm working on while I listen to phones ring.

Tomorrow we're taking my parents to an Amish buffet that's about 45 minutes away, and is excellent! My dad's birthday was yesterday. Oh, a funny: my twitty brain was thinking we were all going out to eat on my actual birthday, so I called my dad earlier to tell him Happy Birthday. He started laughing and said, "But it's YOUR birthday!". Oops. He said me forgetting to call him yesterday was more than made up for by the humor that is my sometimes idiocy.

Yup, that's me...Space Case Extraordinare!

The daisies don't have anything to do with my birthday, but they're my favorite flower so they needed some face time!


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